Air freight transport: a key sector in the global economy

The fundamental principle of the economy is based on the transport of goods from one place to another around the world. There are many ways to support this idea of travel, depending on the distance to travel and the weight to move. Air freight plays an important role in the method adopted to ship a cargo from its point of origin to its destination, and as a significant economic resource. The high cost of this service limits the use of this service by users. Nevertheless, there are many advantages to its use, generating still a significant turnover in the active world in general, and not just from the airline alone.

Safety first and foremost

The aircraft has a reputation as the safest means of transport on the planet. Shipping goods by air is no exception to this rule, simply because today's aircraft are designed by experienced engineers and manufactured with state-of-the-art tools. Even if there is no such thing as zero risk, and despite the cost of travel, customers who use the airway to ship their loads make significant savings in terms of security packaging, or even insurance policies. Indeed, there will always be less risk of crash than of rail collision, or worse, of shipwreck.

On-time delivery

The other undeniable strength of air transport is the speed of delivery. A journey by plane from one continent to another takes between a few hours and a few days, compared to a few days to a few weeks for a journey by sea. The speed and simplicity of operations in the transport of goods by air contributes to this efficiency. The products transported may then vary according to their perishability rate. Senders and recipients alike then see their financial investments materialized by these items turn and produce the expected profits more quickly.

Economic and social benefits

The use of aircraft to send goods to a distant market also allows for significant economic and social development. Indeed, destination consumers can take advantage of the first products in almost real time, which encourages the need to buy. Air freight allows producers to access remote points of sale, thus opening an important economic resource to them, reinforcing what already exists.
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