Product Experience Management

Product Experience Management is the future

Do you sometimes feel that marketing isn’t achieving the results you want? For example, with no sales, you decide to endlessly post pictures of your business on popular social media platforms. However, marketing doesn’t just involve posting images and waiting…

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Global air traffic growth and oil growth

In 2018, nearly 4 billion passengers used aircraft as a means of transport. Air traffic has grown considerably in recent decades. The International Air Transport Association or IATA reported that airlines made a profit of nearly $33 billion in 2018….

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Air freight transport: a key sector in the global economy

The fundamental principle of the economy is based on the transport of goods from one place to another around the world. There are many ways to support this idea of travel, depending on the distance to travel and the weight…

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Which are the busiest airports in the EU?

With the explosion of low-cost flights, more and more people are offering themselves the opportunity to travel quickly at more than affordable airfares. European airports receive an increasing number of passengers annually, including both domestic and international flights. What are…

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How does air transport contribute to the globalization of the economy?

A significant increase in air traffic Experts like Christophe Bejach have noted an increase in air traffic since 2017. They explain this soaring rate with several explanations. First, several low-cost airlines have captured a significant market share. Indeed, travelling by…

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What are the steps to start a franchise?

For many entrepreneurs, opening a franchise is a great idea. By opting for this formula, professionals do not start from scratch, since they take full advantage of the parent company’s reputation as well as its products and services. However, we…

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