The most used stones in lithotherapy

What are the most used stones in lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is the technique of using stones and chromotherapy or the use of natural stones to heal the body and mind, considering that these stones have healing properties on the person in its contact or nearby. The word itself is…

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Natural and organic solutions to fight dandruff

Having beautiful hair is everyone’s goal. The problem is that for a long time, the presence of dandruff on hair can be a source of certain diseases, and this, apart from the fact that it is very unpleasant. What is…

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Finding balance through the energy of colour

No matter what you do, you can never do without colours. Every day, as soon as you leave home, as soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing you would see is the colours. Colours are used…

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All the benefits of a sea bath on our body and our organism

Planet Earth cannot do without its original composition. Indeed, any life on our planet cannot neglect the presence of the sea. The sea even has more than 70% of the surface area of the entire planet. That said, his presence…

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Olfactotherapy: essential oils to rebalance emotions

Managing emotions is not that simple, especially for young people. Yet, with the stress in daily life as well as work and responsibilities, most people who have difficulty managing emotions cannot cope. Some prefer to contact psychologists or experts in…

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Depression: stones for lithotherapy treatment

Depression is a disease that currently affects people all over the world. It particularly affects young women. The concern is that after a painful time, human beings may have difficulty recovering and managing emotions. It becomes difficult to forget the…

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Hygienic protection: beware of toxic products!

Finding the right sanitary protection for your expectations and requirements is not that simple. Yet they are essential products in the life of every young woman. For generations, every month, women have used towels or even tampons for menstruation. In…

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