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eyelash extension

Beauty is a robust industry, thanks to its product line and usage. Ladies are the most sort after customers, although men products are taking significance currently. It touches, directly and indirectly, a significant number of people through usage and employment respectively. The distribution has grown to touch all corners of the world. Misencil.com serves as an example as its placement is customised to reach numerous places in the world, irrespective of their preferred language.

There are numerous types of eyelash extensions in the market; Mink, Faux Mink, Sable, Silk and Synthetic. The user selects her preferred type based on skin tone, allergic reactions and other inherent characteristics. However, all these efforts will pay off if she has a good salon where the eyelashes can be fixed properly.


The first element to look for in a salon is where it is situated. The closer to home or work, the better as it reduces the facilitation and transportation cost. Also, the location should be ideal for the business; no noise, away from dust and preferably in a storey building. Make it your business to get the best place for eyelash extension. For those who live far from towns where this service cannot be easily accessed, make arrangements with the service provider to visit you. If possible, find other people interested in the service to make the cost a bit cheaper.

Dealership and Franchising

Manufacturers of the eyelash extensions products might partner with the service providers in the market, either as strategic positioning or increased demand for the product in the market. A customer might choose such a salon if she uses the products being stocked. If such is the case, she is assured of the best service as the workers in these outlets are trained in the usage, compositions and fixing by the manufacturer. Other salons have several brands which the customer may choose. Through business development executives, such salons can be mapped and empowered with the product knowledge whilst maintaining their autonomy. Eyelash extension needs accuracy and the right training to bring out the best.

Training and Experience

Majority of the Beauty schools teach general trichology and cosmetology. Eyelash extension training orient the students on the technique and composition of the products as well as practical sessions. Such background gives the student an upper hand in dispensing his or her duties to perfection. The training is sometimes not conclusive and the student has to look for on-job experience in commercial outlets. The customer can find this out through

  • Testimonials from previous customers.
  • Professional acumen of the workers in the salon.
  • Investment in equipment at the salon.


Costing of the service is relative. What is considered is the value for money one gets after the service. This is the main reason why salons might charge different prices for the same service but will attract customers in their own right. Reasons for this disparity may include

  • The quality of the eyelash extensions products used.
  • The nature of the working environment; cleanliness, presentability and accessibility.
  • Equipment and complimentary products used.
  • After-sale services; retouch, offers, educative materials on beauty and discounts for repeat customers.

Most customers settle on the quality of the service provided. If they are impressed, they can pay competitively. All in all, the client choice of a salon based on cost is a personal decision.

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