What are the most used stones in lithotherapy?

The most used stones in lithotherapy

Lithotherapy is the technique of using stones and chromotherapy or the use of natural stones to heal the body and mind, considering that these stones have healing properties on the person in its contact or nearby. The word itself is made up of two Greek words Litho and Therapeia meaning stone and care respectively. The first people to use this art were Egyptians and were known to use Lapis Lazuli which they ground to powder and ingested for medicinal treatment. Also, in Acupuncture, the Chinese were known to strengthen the power of their needles by making them using a ball of unique stone chosen according to its energy properties.

How Lithotherapy works

Currently, litho therapy is used as an alternative medicine treatment with stones and minerals which possess vibrations and energy to heal physical and psychic tensions. Mostly, the gems used in the treatment are usually precious or semi-precious stones, that have the right energy to restore balance and bring peace and tranquility within whether physical, spiritual, or mental. The therapy is quite simple and easy but requires great experience and knowledge. These minerals, when in contact with the skin, acts due to its chemical composition and the use of its vibratory energy to relieve various troubles. For more details above mineral, click here.

The different colors of the natural stones correspond to a given wavelength, thus different vibrations

The colors are classified into 3 main categories:

Colors that are calm including indigo, blue, purple and white

Stimulating colors which are red, orange, black and yellow

Colors creating balance which includes all nuances of green, yellow-green, and blue-green.

Among the bests stones to use for litho therapy include:

Rose Quartz. This is the love stone. It helps guide the possessor to select his lover and love affairs carefully and also helps in healing a broken heart.

Cacite. When you find yourself explaining yourself to people every time, this the stone that helps you calm down and be able to express yourself freely.

Garnet. If your sex life is struggling, then use this gem to boost your sexual appetite, energy, and creativity.

Lapis Lazuli. It’s a light blue semi-precious stone that helps you to see things more clearly and is useful when you feel lost or seeking guidance.

How to use the stones to benefits from its healing properties

The simplest way of using the natural stone jewellery is by keeping it in your pockets, wearing it as a jewel, or by carefully placing it within your surroundings. If you use it as a decorative ornament, its size and shape will have a great influence on the energy it vibrates. By placing it at a strategic place, the natural stones will spread their healing properties or energy and impact the area positively by eradicating all negative energy within its environment. Therefore, it is important to select the place convenient place so as to optimize the healing power of these stones. Another way to take advantage of the stone properties is by placing it on the body or place you want to influence. You can take advantage of stone massaging where you apply hot or cold stone to treat muscular discomfort or other types of pain. This technique is very relaxing and yields good results. The last application involves pulverizing the stone and adding some water which is then ingested so as to obtain the full benefits of the stone properties. A good example would be Ruby water which is used to act as a purifier and is used with the intention of improving intestinal functions. Emerald water is also used as a strengthening element in the body and enhances positive energy.

Examples and effectiveness of some healing stones

Amethyst. It is used to help treat cure hangovers and alcohol-related aftermaths. This gem has also been known to help connect people to their spiritual forms as well as enhance their psychic ability. It is best compatible with people with the following zodiac signs, Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Other benefits include Improved intuition, Boost tranquility and stability, helps in meditation, clears headaches and hangovers, and has the ability to calm the mind.

Rose Quartz. This gem is also called the love stone. It is mainly used for attracting and building love bonds, and also protecting relationships. It also has the power to heal heartbreaks and disappointments. It works best for individuals with the following zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus. Other benefits include promoting self-love, healing heartbreak, helps to attract and protecting relationships, and to raise self-confidence.

Iron Pyrite. This crystal is used in eliminating negative energy that the owner may be faced with. It also aids in activating intellectual and memory. It works best with people of the Leo zodiac sign. Other healing benefits include removing negative energy, boosts mental intellect and memory, boosting self-worth, and promoting positive thinking.

Kyanite. It helps facilitate channeling and opening communication centers to enable contact with spirit guides and angels. It is probably best known for its balancing properties that align the chakras, especially the throat chakra. There is no need to cleanse this stone; it clears itself automatically of negative energies.

However beneficial these gems have may on an individual, they are not meant to substitute doctors or medical prescriptions. These stones only complement medical treatments and should be practiced concurrently with medication. They are best effective when they are in close proximity with their owner.

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