Que fait le gouvernement français pour protéger l’environnement ?

La préservation de la biodiversité est au cœur du gouvernement français. Il s’engage dans un défi sans limite pour protéger les écosystèmes menacés. Chaque année, un rapport sur l’état de l’environnement est adressé au grand public. Le gouvernement français tient…

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energy trading

Adapted software solutions for short term physical gas and energy trading

Energy trading has transformed over the years, extending the competition. There is a high demand for gas and power trading. There is a need to adopt advanced technologies to enhance efficiency and agility in this trading sector.

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Hybrid and electric aircraft & ecological aircraft

Electric aircraft are not new to aeronautics. There are many electric aircraft on the market, particularly small aircraft. Commercial electric aircraft are still under development. Why choose electric and hybrid aircraft? Aviation is one of the most polluting modes of…

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Air transport and its environmental impact

Air traffic is currently increasing in the transport sector, especially for low-cost airlines. As a result of this growth, more and more travellers are thinking of spending their holidays abroad. What better way to travel quickly than by air. What…

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What are the solutions to reduce aircraft pollution?

Air traffic, the most popular means of travel for many travellers, accounts for about 5% of the causes of global warming. This translates into nearly 100,000 flights a day worldwide. These figures indicate that aviation has a significant share in…

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Can we trust organic supermarket products?

Today, the consumption of organic products is beginning to be successful all over the world. In any country on the planet, you can find natural products as well as organic products of different kinds. There are, for example, organic food…

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Washable diapers, the ecological and non-toxic alternative

With pollution and environmental degradation, various precautions have been taken by experts and specialists around the world. Studies have shown that over time, the more the world evolves, the more dangerous the products used by humans are. For example, the…

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Tips and tricks for making compost

Making your own compost is nowadays, becoming ecological and very trendy all over the world. Indeed, the goal is to preserve the environment while allowing each human being to improve the decoration in their garden at the same time. Indeed,…

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