What are the solutions to reduce aircraft pollution?

Published on : 08 April 20222 min reading time

Air traffic, the most popular means of travel for many travellers, accounts for about 5% of the causes of global warming. This translates into nearly 100,000 flights a day worldwide. These figures indicate that aviation has a significant share in the so-called greenhouse effect. Global warming has become a global policy because the future of the planet Earth is in question. Therefore, measures must be taken to enable everyone to live in peace on this planet. Since the creation of air transport, specialists in the sector, such as Christophe Bejach, founder of L’Avion, have been constantly watching the increase in air traffic.

Passengers must take precautions

Since an aircraft cannot fly without passengers, consumers therefore have a major role to play in reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. The goal is not to completely abandon the idea of taking planes to go from one point to another. It is simply a matter of reducing, if possible, the frequency of a person’s travel. Indeed, a flight from 2000 km to 12 000 km can emit 700 kg to 2500 kg of CO2. As a result, by reducing this distance, a saving on greenhouse gas emissions is achieved.

Measures to be taken by the aviation sector

Air traffic makes it possible to connect all points of the globe in record time. But this traffic is one of the main causes of global warming. The aviation sector has a duty to find appropriate solutions to preserve the planet. To this end, research has been carried out by various groups of manufacturers. Among this research, the use of engines that consume less fuel is a major innovation. In addition to this, flight procedures must be studied to minimize travel and unnecessary flight time.

Adequate policy measures

The fight against global warming has become a global issue in recent years. Several summits involving several countries around the world have been held in recent years to discuss the reduction of CO2 emissions around the world. As a result, each country is looking for the ideal policy to deal with it. But the watchword that always comes up is the use of renewable energy. Research on biofuels should lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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