Tips and tricks for making compost

Making your own compost is nowadays, becoming ecological and very trendy all over the world. Indeed, the goal is to preserve the environment while allowing each human being to improve the decoration in their garden at the same time. Indeed, the garden is a place where there is a lot of residue. Examples include dead leaves, waste and all other products used in maintenance and cleaning. Now, compost is recommended to each owner. The main role of this concept is to allow gardeners and owners to transform waste and all waste into compost. You too can make the compost for your garden yourself. But how do we do that? What should be avoided?  And what are the steps to succeed?

What do you need to know before composting?

The methods are diversified, but the principle remains the same. It must be said that everything starts with the manufacture of a bin. Often, owners prefer a bin with a lid. The aim is to protect and preserve the various residues. However, it is essential that the residues be in contact with the soil and ground. In most cases, the owners dump all the peelers from the kitchen and organic waste from the garden. However, it is important to use an electric shredder. Be aware that the higher the quality of the compost is, the more you no longer run the risk of having unpleasant surprises. Moreover, it can last for more than 6 months, everything depends only on the maintenance and the composition. It is important to avoid that the compost is too wet, too dry, or even too smelly.

How does composting work?

Indeed, composting should not be done randomly. It is essential that a few weeks after the composition, it is necessary to check the state of the aeration as well as the location and humidity of the compost. If, for example, you smell something unpleasant. In most cases, compost can smell like rotten eggs, it is certainly a lack of air or there is too much plant material in the bin. However, if there is no odour, it may be a lack of moisture. On that note, you must water the waste. Be aware that after about 10 weeks, it is likely that white felt will already appear. According to specialists, this is when woodlice are formed. This is the very reason why compost is starting to take shape. It is only one year after composting that he begins to lose germs. Most owners use them for planting.

Some steps to take to get better compost

If you want to guarantee the quality of your garden's compost, you can certainly take a few steps. First, the plants you were going to pour into the bin must not exceed 15 cm. This allows for fast and efficient decomposition. The same applies to other waste. For dry residues, prefer to moisten them before putting them in the bin. Then, if you have the opportunity, always add comfrey and small nettles to your compost. It also facilitates decomposition. In any case, always be in the habit of looking at and checking the condition of your compost. At any time, even if you had followed the necessary steps, there may be unpleasant surprises. Also learn to ask your neighbours and relatives for their opinions. And the most important thing is not to use specific products to accelerate decomposition.
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