Hybrid and electric aircraft & ecological aircraft

Published on : 08 April 20222 min reading time

Electric aircraft are not new to aeronautics. There are many electric aircraft on the market, particularly small aircraft. Commercial electric aircraft are still under development.

Why choose electric and hybrid aircraft?

Aviation is one of the most polluting modes of transport, but it continues to develop. Air traffic is one of the main causes of pollution by CO2 emissions. It contributes indirectly to global warming. To protect the air we breathe, research on electric and hybrid aircraft is already underway. Electric motors are environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable. Unfortunately, there is still a certain limit. The flight can’t make a long trip yet. Experts are focusing their hopes on hybrid variants.  By gradually replacing an aircraft’s jet engines with electric propulsion, they hope to make flight more sustainable.

When will the electric planes arrive?

Leaders in commercial aviation are constantly working on electric powered aircraft. The aircraft manufacturer Airbus and other airlines have joined forces to develop a hybrid and electric aircraft engine. The research focuses on the operational and infrastructure challenges associated with the large-scale introduction of aircraft. By 2020, a test aircraft should be flying in the air according to the leaders. With this project, they wish to gain experience in the construction of electric aircraft for regional passenger air transport. However, it will take at least 15 years before such a device is put on the market.

Is green aircraft possible?

It is difficult to reconcile stealing and thinking about the environment. Flying with a major negative impact on the atmosphere. They emit much more polluting gases into the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Ecological flight seems to be a contradiction and in fact it is. But every year, measures are taken to reduce the impact on the environment. It remains to be seen whether the ecological footprint of air traffic will decrease. With the important role that air transport plays in the economy, airlines will increasingly increase the number of aircraft on the road. According to Christophe Bejach, air transport has a great economic impact because it makes it possible to do business at great distances. Green aircraft are only an image until engineers can produce biofuels equivalent to kerosene.

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