Selling or buying: why use a professional?

A real estate professional can undertake the sale or purchase of a property. The project of acquiring a home is more accessible when you use a home staging professional. Real estate agencies are better able to undertake a real estate…

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Use the free, detailed and fast tax simulator

Calculate your 2016 income tax for free from the online simulators. The software of estimation impotsurlerevenu.org offers the possibility to know the exact amount of the tax contribution. Just enter the required information and in a few clicks, the software…

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Property and casualty insurance: Underwriting conditions

In the same way as an artisan or builder who is obliged to take out a ten-year guarantee, an individual wishing to carry out construction work is also obliged to take out an insurance policy for damage to works. Many…

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Real estate offer: what are your commitments?

Real estate investment is safe and profitable financing. It provides a complementary source of income, and, it is a way to build up a real estate portfolio that will be passed on to the heirs. It is for these reasons…

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Basic tips to choose a builder

A homeowner needs to hire a contractor at some point. The trick to avoiding unpleasant surprises and ensuring the success of a construction and renovation project is to choose the right contractor. Discover through this article some tips on how…

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