Use the free, detailed and fast tax simulator

Calculate your 2016 income tax for free from the online simulators. The software of estimation offers the possibility to know the exact amount of the tax contribution. Just enter the required information and in a few clicks, the software will render the estimate. The simulator offers a simple, express and advanced version.

The online simulator, so that you no longer make mistakes in calculating taxes

With the advance of computer technologies, it is easy to know what is due to the tax department. The existence of tax calculators provides a guarantee of readability for the tax system in that the taxpayer can have a clear idea of the amount of his tax contribution even before receiving his tax notice. Simple and easy to learn, these tax simulators allow us to face the tax obligation with greater peace of mind, to avoid cash flow difficulties during the liquidation. Moreover, they are free licenses, so they can be used free of charge. For their credible and efficient estimation, a growing number of taxpayers use the services of a tax simulator.

The tax calculator on the site

The tax simulator available on the site is one of the most popular tax estimating software. Its advantage is based on its ergonomic and user-friendly style. It considers all the indicators likely to influence the tax bill: the new scale, the discount for low-income groups, the number of tax shares, and other indices adjusted in 2016. You are required to provide the following information: Marital status, The number of family members The number of children in alternate custody The amount of monetary income, Deductible expenses, Tax exemptions in the event of donations, expenses for works of art, or assistance to a person benefiting from a personalised autonomy allowance. Express simulator on the site Still on the same site, the express simulator offers a light and simplified interface as much as possible. It is ideal for families who do not have exceptional income and do not pay childcare benefits or university student expenses that would complicate tax manipulation. You must enter your marital status, income and children and the software will quickly calculate your tax bill.

Advanced simulator on the site

If you must declare a large income register, a developed version is available. It includes in the calculation pensions, annuities, movable capital gains as well as the various scenarios involved in the family quotient (disability condition, war widow's pension, reception of an invalid person, etc.).
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