What are the best bar and resto to hang out in Tulum

What are the best bar and resto to hang out in Tulum

Tulum is a beach town in Mexico, full of bar, night party, hotel with good food and restaurant serving top cocktails and mezcal. Yes, and not only: good clubs with live salsa music, crazy nightlife, many good address for open club where you will be able to drink fresh cocktails. The top is always the view on the beach or on Tulum pueblo. The many restaurants offer house live music with famous DJs, even holding parties in the jungle. So we are sure that during your travel, you will never get bored and you will enjoy the nightlife scene in the bars and clubs of Tulum. The best spot are usually along the carretera, so keep on reading our guide and you will discover which spot is the perfect to spice up your night. Feel free to visit this blog with more details about Tulum nightlife.

Naná Rooftop Bar

This is one of the best hotels to go for fresh craft cocktails with mezcal in Tulum. They usually have live salsa or house music, or typical Mexican casa music. Relax on its rooftop terrace, among the leaves of the jungle and enjoy the top view of Tulum. The Naná Bar offers a menu with a variety of Premium Tulum Mexico fresh cocktails to choose from. Drinks consist of mezcals from all over Mexico, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits. If you feel tired, they also offer a variety of Oriental-style dishes.

La Zebra – Mulberry Project Bar

This is a trendy hotel on Tulum Beach and is home to the seasonal Mulberry Project Pop-Up Bar. If you like high quality drinks, this is one of the best beach bars in Tulum that you can visit from October to July. Project Mulberry has a group of cocktail masters who create tailor-made cocktails for guests. Rather than ordering items from a specific menu, you can describe the taste and style of the drink you want and see if the bartender will prepare your personal cocktail.

The wonderful ocean side café and bar at La Zebra is a hit with voyaging foodies. The enormous, outdoors café offers loads of large tables for gatherings, while the beach side seating consists of rich sofas and loungers with beautiful cushions concealed by trees and shades.

Imaginative mixed drinks, like the tequila, watermelon and lime) match well with similarly creative cooking. The menu is loaded up with amazing fish dishes and Mexican-inspired dinners that go by the most recent culinary patterns.


This is a budget bar in downtown Tulum, where locals go to casual evening parties. Located on Tulum's main street, it is a cozy place to dance, drink and eat. You can get beverages at affordable prices. If you like reggaeton music, then Santino Premium Tulum Mexico dance floor is the ideal place for you. The staff is friendly and the service is quick, which contributes to the pleasant atmosphere of the bar.

Ciel Rose Sunset Bar

This is a great place to relax on the beach in Tulum. Climb the stairs to its rooftop terrace and enjoy 360-degree views of the forest and beach as the sun sets, spreading its pink hue color.


RosaNegra oceanside Premium Bar Tulum and café may not open until sometime in the early evening, but it is definitely worth the wait. The in vogue restaurant is loaded up with candlelight, live music and imaginative ambience, and the vibe is bettered by the menu.

While you'll find normal tacos on this menu, you'll find fascinating additions too, such as - a dismantled chiles en nogada, simmered marrow and fish chipped with 24 karat gold. The beverages menu, instead of having just tequila and mezcal, surprises with its more than adequate gin assortment.

Posada Margherita

Posada Margherita offers a tad of all things together, - an ocean side bar, a pizza joint, a conventional eatery and a juice bar. The Premium Bar Tulum offers its own kind of mezcal, apart from a wide range of local beers, and mixed drinks made with home-made syrups, sharp flavoring, salts etc.

Come in to taste mezcal here in this beach front, and settle down for a couple of beverages at one of the little tables or loosen up by taking an accommodation in any of the beach side loungers for the afternoon. Anything that you pick, you're certain to enjoy the upscale yet laidback air here.


10-15% tipping is common in Tulum. First, you should check your bill to see if the restaurant has added a tip (known here as “propina”).

Use insect spray. It is a good idea to use bug repellent before you visit any of the bars on the forest side of the beach.

Tulum is gay friendly. Although there is no gay bar in Premium Tulum Mexico, the beach town welcomes the LGBTQ community. 

What are some of the Best Bars in Tulum?

Tulum is famous for beaches, bars, food and restaurants, party nights and good clubs. Are you ready to find the best bars in Tulum, Mexico, not far away from your hotel? The beaches and town of Tulum have a number of beautiful clubs where you can dance, relax and taste great drinks and food with a top view. If you are looking for things to do in Tulum, be sure to find many spots to party all night, with top live music, both international and Mexican. In this guide we will take you to the best bars in Tulum, with a good menu, live salsa, not far away from the carrettera and the main hotels. Check out our guide, discover the address of the night clubs, bars and hotels and what you can expect in each of them.


This is a boho-style hotel with a restaurant and a great beach bar. Relax in comfortable sandals or you can even relax in a hammock hanging among the palm trees. This Tulum beach bar serves delicious juices and smoothies. If you feel adventurous, you can try their unique cocktail Ba Alche Taak. Start the evening by eating a plate of mussels or shrimp tacos. The empty tables in the shade of palm trees invite you to spend your free time and share meals with friends. The beach is very well maintained and a great place to cool off in while listening to bar music.

Casa Jaguar

If you want to experience Tulum, the nightlife of Mexico, then Casa Jaguar is the right place. This open-air jungle Premium Bar Tulum near the beach is popular for Thursday night parties. It hosts small parties on Tuesday evenings. The bar is also known for its more fresh ingredients and expertly mixed cocktails. For non-alcoholic drinkers, Chai House serves Masala chai in a variety of flavors.

Papaya Playa Project

The Papaya Playa Project (PPP), out of all the Tulum Mexican bars, is the largest and most popular party venue. Every Saturday, their beach club hosts a great party. Every month, the PPP beach shakes on the famous Full Moon Festival - one of the highlights of Tulum's nightlife. Early in the morning they play music, and you can dance with famous DJs. Buy your tickets in advance to make sure you are able to reserve a seat at this party. The two-storey PPP has a beautiful sea view, which you can admire while enjoying a drink. Their bar mixes local fruits and vegetables and prepares cocktails. If you arrive early, you can also get delicious tacos from their modern Premium Tulum Mexico restaurant.

Batey Bar

If you are looking for a change from the regular beach scene, Batey has one of the best bars in Tulum. This Cuban-themed bar is well-known for its fresh mojitos. Mojito can be chosen from a variety of interesting flavors, from spinach to watermelon. Batey is open most of the day and has live music playing all night. If you want a cool atmosphere, go early or join the live crowd at night.


Habitas lie between lush Mayan forests and soft white sand on the coast of Tulum. The Premium Bar Tulum is located directly on the beach, so you can feel the cool sea air while drinking a preferred drink. The beach bar serves a variety of smoothies and cocktails. The excellent Habitas Moro restaurant is just a few meters from the bar, if you want to dine. It is also a great place to listen to live music on Tulum Beach.


This is also another of the best bars on Tulum Beach for a stormy party. DJs will start with music on Friday- right at 11 pm, so as to commence the dance night. If mezcal is your favorite drink, there is no better place to find it in Tulum. There are also a variety of cocktails and fresh juices, all made from local ingredients.
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