Cosmetics: all you need to know about nanoparticles is to be avoided

Cosmetics are becoming more and more used in the world. In fact, every day, billions of people around the world use it. There are those who use it for body care, there are those who use it for hair care and facial care. However, most cosmetic products have been invented specially to allow each human being to hide small imperfections and improve their physical appearance. Doctors and experts in the field recommend that every consumer pay close attention to the choice of all products. Indeed, if they are not chosen correctly, it could have negative impacts on health. It is also important to avoid the nanoparticles found in some products.

Nanoparticles: what is it?

Many people are not yet aware of the existence of nanoparticles, which are indeed very dangerous to health. These are often materials that only measure between 1 mm and 100 mm in each product. But over time, they can multiply. If they are natural, however, if they come from volcanic eruptions, there is no problem. It is especially the nanoparticles that come from viruses that are most discouraged. In most cases, they are produced by industrial fumes, as well as environmental degradation. However, the main source of the formation of these products is air pollution. Nanoparticles, once introduced into any product, have the role of modifying the composition, which causes serious diseases in users. They can be presented as powders or gel. There are industries that add some in its products in order to offer unique creations, but they do not realize the effects.

Which products may contain Nanoparticles?

According to some analyses, nail polishes and powders used on the face are the most affected by nanoparticles. Food products and cosmetics are not the same. The manufacturing process and all the steps to follow to invent an authentic product are not the same. Products containing titanium dioxide and zinc, or iron are the most susceptible. Nanoparticles have the objective of changing the colour, improving the product's resistance, especially in make-up powders. The concern is that now, the use of these substances is not yet prohibited. It is therefore important for each user to be careful.

What are the consequences of nanoparticles penetrating the body?

They are very small substances; they may be smaller than the cells in the human body. In this case, they have the power to quickly penetrate the skin, without the user noticing. They could pass through barriers and even all the defences on a human's body. As a danger, they can reach the blood, organs, etc. It becomes difficult for the body to get rid of them once they are introduced. Some analyses have shown that the multiplication of these substances in the human body is the main cause of respiratory problems. If you are afraid of having this kind of problem, it is best to avoid all cosmetic products that contain titanium dioxide. If possible, prefer a product containing at least zinc dioxide. Also seek the advice of a dermatologist or beautician before choosing such a product.
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