What does a diamond ring symbolize?

diamond ring

Diamond rings are a universally recognized way of professing your love to someone. Since diamonds are highly durable, they represent everlasting love. From timeless pieces of jewelry to tools, diamonds are used to represent various things in various cultures. One certain thing is that they’re quite special to a person who owns one. If you would like to buy a diamond engagement ring, visit minerals-kingdom.com. This article will discuss what a diamond ring symbolizes and the difference between its colors.

History of Diamonds

The first recorded diamond engagement ring was offered in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy. It featured raw diamonds with the shape of the letter M. Soon afterward, diamonds became a trend in European courtship. In the Renaissance, rich Italian traders began to use these precious stones and traded the rings to give to their brides as pre-marital gifts. The idea behind this was that a strong precious stone acted as a metaphor to represent an unbreakable bond between two partners.

After the Renaissance, diamonds continued to signify power, strength, wealth, and longevity of life. The Western culture considered diamonds to be powerful status symbols for the wealthy and famous.

What Do Diamond Rings Symbolize?

Ancient Greeks referred to diamonds as “unconquerable”. Poets from Rome considered diamonds to be something unbeatable and a symbol of strength. In the Middle Ages, many societies believed that diamonds were gods’ tears that attracted good fortune to people who held them close. Afterward, diamonds began to be used to decorate crowns and necklaces which kings used to gift their queens as a symbol of wealth and stability.

Numerous societies from medieval times up to now still regard diamonds as a sign of eternal love. This idea originated from the durability and strength that are often linked to diamonds. Here are some common associations with rings made of diamonds:

1. Love

Diamonds are widely considered to be a symbol of love that lasts forever. That is the reason why an engagement ring or a wedding band should have diamonds to signify marriage and shared joy and happiness in the marriage. Currently, diamonds in small boxes represent engagement and symbolizes the first steps of the journey to the wedding and beginning a new life with the love of your life.

2. Light

Diamonds are an emblem of light. They are a symbol of perfection and pure light and therefore, a diamond engagement ring symbolizes beauty in its purest form. When you expose diamonds to a source of light directly, it shines brighter than anything you have ever seen!

3. Wealth

Rings made from diamonds have long been linked with wealth as they have become a status sign. Previously, aristocrats and royal families usually had collections of crowns, necklaces, wedding bands, and other valuable jewelry involving diamonds. In the current world, when celebrities or famous actresses get on the red carpet, they must wear diamonds to symbolize wealth and influence.

And royal weddings are not left behind. Each member of the royal family has a collection of gemstones that are beyond value. Royal brides pick which crown with diamonds that they prefer, as a sign of power and acceptance.

Why do Rings Represent Marriage?

Rings have a circular shape which is a symbol of eternity. When you take two potent symbols such as the unbreakable stone and the circle then combine them, you will get a result which is an emblem of love that will not fade away. This belief became prevalent in the early times and has remained strong since.

When it comes to diamonds, they are not only tough and durable, but they also sparkle the brightest as compared to other gemstones. And because even the tiniest of diamonds shine extremely bright, they quickly became a sign of marriage. Lastly, since diamonds are rare and cannot be accessed by everyone if someone purchases them for their loved one, it becomes a symbol of long-term commitment and value.

Types of Diamonds

Diamonds are usually white. However, if you take a keen look at them, you will realize that they have a unique glow. The reason behind this is that in their natural form, they are clear, but due to impurities, they can take different colors.

You may find natural diamonds that are green, blue, orange, black, pink, and orange. This is the main reason why color is among the most crucial aspects when a ring is appraised. Of course, there are myriads of diamonds in various colors that can be used for engagement rings because they give more meaning to the engagement ring.

Colors of Diamonds and Their Meanings

Here, you will find out the most popular colors of diamonds and their unique meanings:

  • Blue diamonds. Blue color traditionally symbolizes power and nobility. That is why royal households often used blue diamonds to make their wedding rings.
  • Orange diamonds. Orange diamonds are very rare and they are used to represent love, courage, and something of immense value.
  • Yellow diamonds. After white diamonds, yellow diamonds are the most obvious choice for diamonds. They symbolize honesty, happiness, and sunshine. The majority of yellow diamonds are quite huge as compared to the other colors.
  • Black diamonds. These types of diamonds are very rare to find and they are worn to represent mystery. They are less traditional as compared to the other options.

Types of Diamond Ring

You may not be aware of the types of rings that exist if you have not bought them before. They are various types of rings made of diamonds and they include promise rings, infinity rings, eternity rings, just to name a few. When looking for one, ensure that you choose a ring that suits the particular occasion. For example, if you intend to propose, you should consider going for engagement rings. At minerals-kingdom.com, you can find rings for all occasions.

1. Promise rings

Promise rings are used as a symbol of commitment. Usually, they are given before engagement rings and then replaced with engagement rings later on. Promise rings are often less costly as compared to engagement rings. Young partners can pick a promise ring until when they’ll be ready for engagement. You can also give a promise ring to represent a different type of promise. For example, you can promise to be loyal and faithful. The promise ring will be a representation of that promise.

2. Wedding rings

A wedding ring or a wedding band is a symbol of love. They are used to show devotion. They indicate that you have decided to spend the rest of your life with a particular person. These rings are also used as a reminder of the vows that were made at your wedding. This means that every time you wear the wedding ring, you will recall the agreement you made. A diamond wedding band or wedding ring represents eternity because of the strength associated with diamonds.

3. Engagement rings

Engagement rings are identical to promise rings. Engagement rings symbolize a promise which is to marry the person offered the engagement ring. It is also considered to be a formal agreement. Also, it symbolizes dedication and love. Engagement rings made of diamonds are popular because of the meaning behind the beautiful strong gemstone – eternity.

4. Eternity rings

Eternity rings represent significant life events. In some situations, they can be purchased during a special occasion in the life of the couple together. This can include a wedding anniversary or another milestone. These rings are usually circular and they have diamonds around the whole band. The meaning behind eternity rings is everlasting love.

5. Infinity rings

Infinity rings are identical to eternity rings. However, they do not have diamonds on the whole band. They have a characteristic “8” shape. This shape is commonly referred to as the infinity sign. Thus, they are used to symbolize continuity. An infinity ring with diamonds on it represents devotion and loyalty. They represent something that can last forever. To many people and societies, infinity rings mean that the relationship will last forever.


As you search for a ring from a jeweler, bear these meanings in your mind. They will assist in making the right choice of rings and diamonds. Not every ring is suitable for any occasion. Instead, you should choose the appropriate ring for the occasion. Since diamonds have various meanings, you can choose the right ring for several occasions.

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