Depression: stones for lithotherapy treatment

Published on : 24 December 20193 min reading time

Depression is a disease that currently affects people all over the world. It particularly affects young women. The concern is that after a painful time, human beings may have difficulty recovering and managing emotions. It becomes difficult to forget the pain and move on, and this is the main source of depression. The risks with depression are many. For example, if you can’t get out of it, you may want to commit suicide, to let down your guards. Which can be dangerous. For a long time, when a person is suffering from depression, the people around him or her have often advised contacting a psychologist or psychiatrist experienced in the field. It’s a good idea, but it can be very expensive. Now lithotherapy is one of the most practical. It is the most recommended by specialists.

What is lithotherapy?

The use of stone is a good alternative for a quick recovery from depression. A therapy that follows the practice of this stone is called “lithotherapy”. The purpose of this treatment is to rebalance the state of mind of a depressed person. An individual who is depressed is always sad, the goal is to turn this sadness into joy. The stone used in lithotherapy is what experts call lepidolite. This stone is considered as a transition stone. It can help a person to have a more serene mind in order to reorganize themselves. There is also the stone known as “lapis lazuli”. It is used as your third eye and will allow you to regain your state of mind and rebuild your life. You will be able to improve your emotional, physical and above all, spiritual state.

The right actions to take to recover from depression

It is true that lithotherapy is effective, but at the same time, you will have to do your part. First of all, you will have to try to rest. When you rest, don’t just sit on your bed and do nothing. Get into the habit of listening to good music or watching movies. This way, you will quickly forget your worries. Then, it is also necessary for you to relax with friends or family. For example, go out from time to time in the boxes. If you don’t like to go to parties, you can go on a picnic, walk in a park or go on holiday. If your condition is already serious, avoid staying home alone or going away without the company of a loved one.

Which stone to choose for depression?

Indeed, there are many stones used to prevent and recover from depression. The choice depends only on the needs and condition of each person. If, for example, you want to be in good spirits and quickly forget your problems, hematite is a better alternative. It is a stone that is made of iron. Moreover, it is for this reason that it is considered as a stone of vitality. According to various analyses, this high-quality stone helps an individual to calm down and find himself. If the depression is already severe, it is more beneficial to choose agate stone. The benefit of this stone is to allow you to accept your situation and remain calm. When you contact a psychologist experienced in the field, be aware that he or she may recommend that you take certain medications. You can avoid this by using the stones and trying to recover on your own.

What are the most used stones in lithotherapy?
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